Tips and Tricks for the Tour

Tips for making the best of the Kitchen and Home Tour


I’ve bought my ticket. Where do I go on the day of the event?
If you bought a ticket online, print out your confirmation. If you bought your ticket at one of our retail sites, you should have a printed ticket. Bring it to ANY of the houses on the morning of the event to start the tour. At the first house you will pick up your “pass” that will be checked off at each of the houses.

I didn’t buy a ticket in advance but it’s the day of the event and I want to go! What do I do? 
Go to any of the addresses listed here and buy a ticket at the door. We accept cash, check or credit card.

Should I go to the houses in the order they’re listed? 
No, you can start at any house and go in any order. The houses are listed in alphabetical order by street. People tend to start at the first house listed, and then check-in at that house gets backed up. You will probably save time by starting at a different house!

Can I keep my shoes on?
No. At each house, everyone takes off their shoes and puts booties on. You will carry your shoes through the house (your official Wellesley Kitchen and Home Tour goody bag will come in handy for this purpose) and put them back on when you leave. We strongly recommend wearing shoes that are light and easy to get on and off and we ask that you keep your booties for use at the next house. The only exceptions we make are for those in orthopedic shoes.

Can I touch? Can I photograph?
No touching please. And no photography. If you see something that inspires you, it may be in the photos we include in the guidebook or listed in the resources and vendors about each home. There also are experts in the house who will be happy to tell you about how the houses were designed and created.

Can I bring my infant in a carrier?
Sorry, no children under the age of 18 are allowed on the Tour.

Will there be a house offering lunch?
The Wellesley Kitchen and Home Tour used to have a “cafe” at one of the houses. We have changed the event to feature local chefs, caterers and restaurant. Attendees will be offered a gourmet bite at each of the houses!

Anything else new?
There will be a vendor selling gifts at each of the houses. The event is near Mother’s Day, so please shop our wonderful pop-up boutiques! We’re featuring several of our most popular vendors from Wellesley Marketplace.

I didn’t get through all of the houses! What happens at 3pm?
We’re so sorry for everyone who doesn’t get to enjoy all that the tour has to offer. But this event only works when we keep our promises to the generous homeowners who have trusted us with their homes, including when we promise that the event will be over. Guests will not be admitted into homes after 3pm.

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