Kit Instructions

Luminary Night in Wellesley
Sunday, December 11, 2016

Luminary kits include:
10 tea lights
10 plastic containers with lids
10 white paper bags
10 double-sided foam tape squares

Please follow these instructions and light the candles by 5pm on Luminary Night

  1. Remove the protective cover from each of the squares of tape and adhere to the bottom of tea candles, then to the center of each of the 10 lids
  2. Fill each plastic container about ¾ full of tap water; place the lid on each of the containers
  3. Insert each completed container in the white luminary bag
  4. Set the completed bags 5 to 8 feet apart on a nonflammable surface along your property, walkway, and/or driveway.

For safety, designate someone to monitor the burning luminaries.  The tea candles will stay lit for 4-6 hours.  Ensure that the luminaries are completely extinguished before disposing of them appropriately.

Please consider recycling the Luminary kit pieces at the Wellesley RDF.

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